2019 Crunch for a Cause

Give a gift that has meaning baked into every bite.

To be brave is to be ready to face and endure danger or pain, remembering that 'bravery is not the lack of fear, but the ability to move forward in spite of fear.' And we've not yet known anyone braver than The Warrior Sisters. Something our team at Uncle Ray’s Peanut Brittle has tried to hold as our highest order is that in times of chaos, we must share some love, tell the truth, and hope that integrity knows its own way.

The Warrior Sisters.

You never know what impact someone might have on your life. Those 'quirky strangers', as we call them here at Uncle Ray's, you meet along the way - you might share only a smile with for just a moment, or you might become 'fast friends', or they enter your life for a time and then dance off on their own journey, or they're 2 girls you babysat for a little while when you were hard on your luck and in dire need of cash. You had no idea then, that 5 years later, they'd still be in your life, shining a light in a dark room, going forward in their own dark hour, showing you more about human connection and that sweet kind of love, which is what we believe in most. Courtney Ray, The Brittle Babe, had the pleasure of babysitting 2 of the best girls - Grace and Stella. Their names embody their spirits perfectly. Grace - an angel on earth, a truth teller to her core. Stella - something fierce to be reckoned with. Her spirit shines bold, like a star. These 2 sisters were a small safe haven in a difficult time for Courtney Ray. For just a little while, they all played, they all laughed, and they all felt normal.

Queue in the tidal waves.

In June of 2016, it was confirmed through chromosomal testing, that Grace was diagnosed with a rare genetic mutation called Friedreich's Ataxia (FA). Grace is one of only 5,000 people in the United States diagnosed with FA. This progressive, life-shortening condition affects the nerves, muscles, and heart. Grace has a severe heart condition that limits her activities and puts her life at constant risk. Cognition is not affected and remains fully intact. We can't begin to communicate the challenges the whole family faced, and still faces in the way of adapting to make room in their life for this visitor, called FA. And shockingly, that was only the beginning of the storm. Already living with the autoimmune disease, Type 1 Diabetes, Stella was also tested for FA and ultimately found positive for the disease. Confirming that both sisters have this debilitating and often terminal genetic illness. Grace and Stella have taught so many to live each day with integrity, as they bravely meet the challenges of being 6th and 3rd-grade students. Their physical abilities will decline with each passing season, as the neurological condition worsens. Therefore, today presents the best opportunity to use their bodies and get the most out of each experience. Both girls use their capabilities to be bright lights in their school community and wonderful sisters. They are best friends and amazing support systems for each other. They are The Warrior Sisters.

The Power of Love

We believe in the power of love and are so grateful to know the brave ones we stand in community with, who strive to shine their loving light in the world. At Uncle Ray's Peanut Brittle, we believe we're here to connect, to help, to love, to boldly go forth in faith, to always learn what we can from others. We can't imagine anyone facing life with more integrity and bravery, 2 girls who strongly live out the spirit of Uncle Ray's Peanut Brittle.

Building Positive Momentum

Our Crunch for a Cause campaign recognizes that it’s not possible for a small, locally-run business to make a huge dent in FA research through a financial contribution, but we know that just one person can create awareness and build positive momentum. Friendship starts with us getting to know one another better and growing our relationships and awareness from there. For over 30 years, we’ve seen how sharing a sweet snack between friends, old and new, can break down barriers, lift spirits, and showcase the love that can exist between neighbors when we really choose to listen. We’d love to offer you a bag of brittle with meaning baked right into every bite for you and yours.

Crunch For A Cause

In Grace and Stella's honor, all proceeds of our Crunch for a Cause Butternut Brittle will go towards The Friedreich’s Ataxia Research Alliance (FARA). FARA is a small, but critical support system to families challenged by this devastating condition. A national, public non-profit, FARA unites families and provides them with the latest opportunities to participate in clinical trials and coordinates funding for the research necessary to one day develop a treatment and possibly a cure. Now through Dec. 1st, 2019, You can purchase a bag (or a few) using the yellow button below. Help us give people out there suffering from FA, like Grace and Stella, a chance to overcome. Your Crunch for a Cause purchase does more than put money into some abstract piggy bank for medical research, it raises the spirits of those who need encouragement and education the most. And when you share your own bag of butternut brittle with others, maybe you’ll be able to offer them some much-needed encouragement, as well. We’re grateful to have you as part of our community. Please enjoy Uncle Ray’s Butternut Brittle and let it open you to new people, places, and ideas—and maybe one day, those ideas will open us up to a world of wellness for all where FA is no longer a visitor. I believe it can happen, and I’ll never stop believing. In Love I Hope You Trust, —Courtney Ray Goodson

Butternut Brittle Bag

Crunch For A Cause: Butternut Brittle

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Watch the video to learn more about Friedreich's Ataxia or go to CureFA.org to learn more. We believe in wellness for all, and we hope you'll join us on that path.