Hopscotch Brittle Bag

Uncle Rays Homemade Hopscotch Brittle

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Looking to give the perfect gift with #FALL in every bite?

Try Uncle Ray's Hopscotch Brittle _ our handmade Pumpkin Pie Pecan Brittle with a Butterscotch drizzle will have you feeling like there's a Pumpkin Pie Party going on in your mouth while you're also reminiscing about times you spent playing hopscotch and hanging out with your cool old grandpa who kept butterscotch candies in his pocket, just for you. Yeah, we know it's lot going on. But you've got a lot going on. And you deserve a whole lotta love!

7 oz bags of Heaven with a variety of FALL themed stickers. (#FALL, The Great Pumpkin) SOLD SEASONALLY - Get it while it lasts!