Crunch for a Cause

Give a gift that has meaning baked into every bite.

Finding out someone you know has been diagnosed with cancer can be an incredibly stressful and frightening time. It’s human nature to want to help but it’s often hard to know what, if anything, one person can do.

In Times of Chaos
Something our team at Uncle Ray’s Peanut Brittle has tried to hold as our highest order is that in times of chaos, we must share some love, tell the truth, and hope that integrity knows its own way.

He Never Met a Stranger, He Just Made New Friends
We learned that the hard way when someone close to our family was diagnosed with cancer, which ultimately took his life. Clayton Prawl, Sr. was a man with gumption and hard-working to boot. Always there for his family, his friends, and the quirky strangers along the way (although in Clayton’s defense, he never met a stranger, just made a new friend). Clayton always had time to help - be it at 2am across town working on his grandson's broken down car, or to wait in a parking lot as you were coming out of church for the simple reason of wanting to make sure you were okay when life was putting you through the ringer. Like so many who have inspired us at Uncle Ray’s, Mr. Prawl stood firmly in integrity with himself and others, and shared his love with everyone he met. If there’s ever someone who truly has lived out the spirit behind Uncle Ray’s Peanut Brittle, it’s Clayton Prawl, Sr.

The Power of Love
We believe in the power of love and are so grateful to know the brave ones we stand in community with, who strive to shine their loving light in the world.

Over the course of 3 years, Clayton did his “Clayton thing” and went head-to-head with that vicious opponent we call cancer. Initially, he was given 6 months to live but he persevered boldly and brightly up until the end, 3 years later. Ultimately, he transitioned out of this world, a loving reminder that love is sweet, but sometimes, it’s all too bittersweet.

Building Positive Momentum
Our Crunch for a Cause campaign recognizes that it’s not possible for a small, locally-run business to make a huge dent in cancer research through financial contribution, but we know that just one person can create awareness and build positive momentum. We learned from Clayton Prawl, Sr. that it just doesn’t make sense to meet someone and not make them a friend. And friendship starts with us getting to know one another better and growing our relationships and awareness from there.

For over 30 years, we’ve seen how sharing a sweet snack between friends, old and new, can break down barriers, lift spirits, and showcase the love that can exist between neighbors when we really choose to listen. We’d love to offer you a bag of brittle with meaning baked right into every bite for you and yours.

"Butternut's My Favorite!"
Clayton loved our Butternut Brittle. “Butternut’s my favorite!” was his rallying call to us as we were finalizing the flavors we would bring to you and your family. In Clayton’s honor, all proceeds of our Crunch for a Cause Butternut Brittle will go towards supporting innovative cancer patient care, research, education and prevention programs at MD Anderson Cancer Center, now through Dec. 31st. You can purchase a bag (or a few) using the yellow button below.

Help us give people out there suffering from cancer like Clayton a chance to overcome. Your Crunch for a Cause purchase does more than put money into some abstract piggy bank for medical research, it raises the spirits of those who need encouragement and education the most. And when you share your own bag of butternut brittle with others, maybe you’ll be able to offer them some much needed encouragement, as well.

We’re grateful to have you as part of our community. Please enjoy Uncle Ray’s Butternut Brittle and let it open you to new people, places, and ideas—and maybe one day, those ideas will open us up to a world of wellness for all where cancer is no longer a visitor. I believe it can happen, and I’ll never stop believing.

In Love I Hope You Trust,

—Courtney Ray Goodson

Crunch for a Cause - Butternut Brittle

A loving reminder that love is 8oz bag at a time. Purchase a bag or two in support, now, and share with friends, old and new.


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